Preparation Stage for Storage Process

Preparation Stage for Storage Process

We kindly request you do the followings before the storage process starts:

For your safety, please take your personal belongings such as jewelry money, land title, cell phones… etc with you

Be ready to start pack up and transportation at 8 o’clock (if otherwise arranged)

In order to approach of our removal vans or trucks to the best convenient place of transport area, please contact your janitor or housekeeper to do necessary arrangements.

Empty the freezer area of your refrigerator. Take your personal cloths, dresses and belongings, your cards of natural gas and electricity, your bills and keys with you.

Separate the foods, cereals and pulses which may have a possible risk of decay or spoil and laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent and other washing liquids that may damage other goods during storage.

If you encounter any problem during storage process, please don’ hesitate to contact our moving coordinators and moving experts.

For your safety...

It is forbidden to store any items and goods against law such as guns, drugs, narcotics, contrabands, stolen items including but not limited to illegimate items

Explosives and combustibles (including bottled gas), foods and washing agents cannot be stored in our warehouse.

Additionally, live flowers and pets cannot be stored due to lack of care system.

While your goods are being transferred from warehouse to your new home;

While appliances can be setup by our professional movers if the fittings and plumbing of your new house are ready to be mounted.

 Disassembled furniture are assembled by our skilled carpenters among movers

We would like to remind you that your chandeliers, curtain, paintings, clocks, built-in products and mounted TV units will not be installed by our company.

The paperwork of your 5000 tl insurance policy will be sent to you by email 15-20 days later. Your payments will be charged in advance (by cash) at the end of the process.

We want to give you a hassle-free storage experience...

The Price List Of Storage in Ankara ve İstanbul